Evaluation of Membership Data for the Military Cyber Professionals Association

As the cyber domain develops into a recognized military maneuver domain new organizations will grow to assist in sharing and networking.  The following analysis is derived from a data set containing information about the membership adoption of the Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA).  The association is only a few years old, the first recored member joined in March 27th 2013.  The organizations website can be found here.  There are currently about 700 members across nearly 50 chapters.  Here are a couple of visuals on the frequency of new members by date.

Bar Chart of New Members

Calendar Heatmap of New Members

As each of the charts show, the association experienced a large initial growth and then steady, but small, member addition until this past year, which brought back higher rates.  Another interesting view is the location of members.  The following map shows the geographic density of new members across the world.  It should be evident that membership is fairly diverse but mostly concentrates in two areas; Monetary, CA and the National Capital Region (NCR).

The Association is broken down into chapters that are represented in different geographic areas.  The following chart shows the growth of chapters that have 10 or more members.

Military Cyber Professionals Association Chapter Membership

The four largest chapters are highlighted because they constitute over half of all membership.  In particular two chapters have the largest participation; Monterey and the NCR.  However, growth in the Monterey chapter stopped in late 2013.  While the NCR accounts for the largest growth, many of the smaller chapters are consistently adding numbers.  The association seems to be healthy with new membership coming in periodic bursts.  This is likely can be credited towards two or three highly motivated members at each chapter.